• Submissions are open January-March and July-September. 
  • All submissions must arrive electronically as an attachment. Name files in the following format: GENRE_AUTHORLASTNAME_TITLE 
  • We do not accept previously published material. 
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, however, please let us know if it has been accepted elsewhere. 
  • The average response time is three to six weeks but it can be longer. Feel free to query about submissions after 45 days. 
  • Contributors receive three copies of the issue in which their work appears, plus a one-year subscription. 
  • We do not accept submissions by fax.

SKR is currently seeking work for publication for our blog, SKR Online. 

  • Pieces should be 250-750 words
  • Flash Fiction, Flash CNF, Poetry, Short Essay
  • We welcome short essays on just about any subject but we'd be most interested in pieces that deal with faith, struggle, and writing craft. 
  • If you would like to be a regular contributor to SKR Online please submit your pitch for a monthly or bi-monthly column. 
  • Submissions are accepted year round, though we only take up to 200 submissions per month. The portal automatically closes when we reach that limit. Submissions to our literary journal are open on a rolling basis for a small submission fee of $2.00
  • Art, photography
  • Please submit up to 5 pieces included in a single PDF or ZIP File
  • .jpg or .gif format
  • High-resolution files must be available upon acceptance.
  • Saint Katherine Review accepts reviews of varying lengths: from notes (150 – 500 words) to regular book reviews (500 – 1200 words) to review essays (1200 – 6000 words). Reviewers should consult back issues of Saint Katherine Review for examples. Please query before submitting review essays.

  • Reviewers should consider Saint Katherine Review‘s audience: what contextual information will they need and/or expect? It is often helpful, for example, to discuss where the author or book fits in the contemporary scene and/or in literary history. Helpful, too, are considerations of how the author’s book relates to the author’s other books.

  • Please include citations—including page numbers. We will format your review if accepted.

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